Wasabi Stories vol.64: “Use Your Imagination to Grasp Things Many-sidedly”


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“Use Your Imagination to Grasp Things Many-sidedly”

Today’s story teller is a young and energetic female film director, Satoko Yokohama.

She told about the basis of her film making.


“I am very interested in the people or things that weren’t implanted unified idea or social idea, like children or animals.” Yokohama said.


Because there should be various view points on a thing, Yokohama often tries to doubt a common sense first.

For example, a way to use a tool; through experiences, adults tend to think “we should use it in this way,” however, children try to use it in various ways that adults can’t think of.

Yokohama said that kind of tendency scares her when she applies the example to the Japanese society.

In April 2009, a member of Japanese pop idol group SMAP, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi was arrested on suspicion of public indecency (he got naked in public under influence of alcohol).

Yokohama was watching a TV news program showing a curbside interview that asked people what they think of his arrest.


“The interviewees were saying like ‘I thought he was a nice guy but it’s unbelievable’ or ‘It’s a shame’ but I think they are luck of imagination. They jumped right into the conclusion, and don’t think about the process. I think they can’t imagine the situation and how he was, that’s why they could say such things. It’s scary.”


The basis of her film making is the power that breaks the stiffed up common sense, and sending the message that the audiences to get free.

That is why she never assigns “limit” like it has to be realistic when she makes film.

Yokohama told that there are no rules on making films but anything can happen there.


The NIKKEI Jul/1/2009 by Satoko Yokohama (a film director)


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