Wasabi Stories vol.63: “The 3 Things that a Parent Can Do for a Child”


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“The 3 Things that a Parent Can Do for a Child”

Today’s story teller is a singer, Yuko Kanzaki, and she talked about of her parenting of two sons; one is third grade and the other is eighth grade.

First she told the impressive word that she was given by the director at her older son’s kindergarten.


“I realized that I wasn’t good at adapting to child’s pace. When we went out, I couldn’t wait for my son putting shoes, so I put his shoes on. But the director admonished me ‘what a parent can do to his/her child is to wait, watch and be delighted.’ Thanks to the word, I could be patient after I had the second son.”


Now her sons grew up. She is very busy with her work.

Because she broadcasts a radio program everyday, she often takes advantage of her family, but her sons understand her work and her parents are cooperative, so she somehow manages work and parenting.

Through her parenting, she realized that a child needs 100% of care when he was just born but when he grows up to certain age, he needs only 30 % of help because he can do 70 % by himself.

After all, a child grows up at his direction, so for both parent and child, it’s better to have some ambiguity than making everything clear.

She said that to start thinking like this is the biggest change in her parenting.


The NIKKEI Jun/30/2009 by Yuko Kanzaki (singer)


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