Wasabi Stories vol.61: “How to Catch Fortune the Goddess?”


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“How to Catch Fortune the Goddess?”

Today’s story teller is a professor at Tokyo University, [W:Shinichi Kitaoka].

The topic was “Fortune the goddess”.


When it comes to an exam season, he always tells students “I give you a good tip for getting high score at exams.”

The class gets quiet to listen to the professor.

And then, he tells “make a guess (what’s on the exam) but not only one or two. Make a guess about ten to fifteen, and you will make a hit.”

Every time when he tells so, the students are like “it’s cruel to deceive us” (lol)

But he means it very seriously, and he explains the reason.

According to Prof. Kitaoka, there are ten key points that a professor is interested in for a exam, and if a student guesses around ten key points and prepares, the students makes a hit.

It’s much worth to study by thinking “if there was a question like this, how would I answer?” than just study aimlessly.

Quoting an old Italian saying, “Fortune only has front hair but the back of her head is bold” Prof. Kitaoka continues.

The saying means if you lose a chance, even if you reach your hand for Fortune, you can’t catch her because she doesn’t have hair on her back head.

Only those who stand ready to reach their hand as soon as they see Fortune ahead can grab the chance.


“You never know when chance is going to come or whether it comes, but only those who stand ready can catch the opportunity. The big truth lies in the view point. ”


Exams are not so big deal but Prof. Kitaoka wishes students to be people who can catch the Fortune’s front hair for their futures.


The NIKKEI Jul/2/2009 by Shinichi Kitaoka (professor at Tokyo University)


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