Fun Note Pad Found at 100 yen Shop [Part1]: Polo Shirt


My non-Japanese friend told me if he ever goes to Japan, there are certain places he wants to go, which are sushi restaurant, a food department in a department store basement, Akihabara and 100 yen (1 dollar) shop.

If he could see those places, he’ll be satisfied enough LOL.

100 yen shop has been evolving everyday, even I, Japanese, am surprised by that.

I mean the items don’t look like 100 yen keep appearing at the stores.


So today, I want to show you a unique note pad that this blogger found at 100 yen shop.



100 yen shop

The stationery section of a 100 yen shop.


100 yen shop

Various note pads are displayed.


note pad shirts

This time I picked the polo-shirt shaped note pad.


note pad shirts

It says “The Clothe Notebook” but doesn’t look like a notebook.


note pad shirts

It tastefully got a button around the neck.


note pad shirts

Carefully opened it…


note pad shirts

Wow. It is surely a notepad! It is well made.


note pad shirts

Under the shirt is naturally a chest, so let’s draw a chest!




note pad shirts

Finished drawing. Seven stars on the chest!
It is unmistakably Kenshiro’s chest from “First of the North Star.”




note pad shirts

Kenshiro wouldn’t wear such boy-shirt but it’s funny LOL.




Did you like it? Isn’t it cool?

I can’t still believe it’s only 100 yen (1 dollar).

In fact, there are other unique note pads besides the polo shirt one.

I will share those some day, so please look forward to it!


Reference:Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!


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