Wasabi Stories vol.125: “Book and Video are Completely Different”


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“Book and Video are Completely Different”

Today’s story teller is a mystery writer, Shusuke Michio.

The recent development of cell phones is remarkable; not only can you watch TV on them, you can also watch videos.

Michio told that this development makes him nervous.

As a person who makes his living by writing, he is anxious about the book sales downturn.


Whenever he talks about it, he remembers a book written by Robert R. McCammon.

In the book, there is a scene where an old judge suffers with past heartrending experience.

He has a nightmare and mutters “An… An…an, an…”, which startled Michio because that is, in Japanese, a sound of female panting on bed.

Actually the man says his dead wife’s name “Anne” but in the Japanese translation it goes “An” in katakana.

When Michio first read the part, he burst into laugh since a stern judge is making such sound in the middle of the night.


Michio’s word

“What I want to say is that this humorous misunderstanding happened because it is a novel. It never happens in video media. It only happens in printing. I am not trying to say that you can find something funny when you read. What I want to say is that printing media and video media are totally different like rice and bread; each has different nutrition.”


Not only delicious bread, eat rice too.

Films and TV are fun but read books which has tremendous potential.


The NIKKEI Oct/30/2009  by Shusuke Michio (mystery writer)



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