How to Make Samurai Helmet with Paper


May 5th is Children’s day in Japan.

It’s a day to “respect children’s personalities, and celebrate children’s happiness, and be thankful to their mothers”, but it’s considered as a Boy’s festival compare to Girl’s festival on March 3rd.

The households with boys decorate koinobori “carp streamer” in their back yards, and samurai armors or just kabuto (samurai helmets) in the houses.


Koinobori “carp streamer”


"noe**" some rights reserved. flickr



Kabuto “Samurai Helmet”


"egg on stilts" some rights reserved. flickr



Kabuto “Samurai Helmet”


"TFujinami" some rights reserved. flickr



Now you want a kabuto for your own? You can get it right away!

Ah actually, you have to make one with a sheet of paper but it is really easy.


This is the instruction.




By using a big square sheet, you can actually put on your head!

Use thick black shiny paper and color the horn part so that it looks more real!



This is the JAPAN Style!



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