Come and See Your Beloved Bear “KUMAMON” in Kumamoto


Have you ever heard the name of “KUMAMON”?

If your answer is “yes,” then have you ever experienced a mysterious incident wide-spreading in Kumamoto? I’ll talk about this mysterious incident later, but if your answer is “no,” then let me tell you who “KUMAMON” is.

Just for your information, “kuma” means a bear in Japanese and “KUMAMON” is a mascot character for Kumamoto prefecture. You can find “KUMAMON” here and there in Kumamoto.

When you walk down the street in Kumamoto, you’ll see “KUMAMON” in every 10 meters.


●In a supermarket


“Delicious fried tofu!”


●In the shopping street


“KUMAMON” performing in a circus


Shop Window filled with “KUMAMON”


●Handmade “KUMAMON”


“How do I look?”


Part-timer at a convenience store


Maybe 10 meters isn’t enough, you can see him in every 5 meters. I can’t say you can see him much more than people, but I can say Kumamoto is happily occupied by beloved “KUMAMON.”

But, there is one problem.

After shopping, browsing, walking down the streets and seeing him again and again, then you’ll mistake anything red, white and black for “KUMAMON.”

For example,


Here he is.





 Here, too.


Hi, again!


 This is for the experienced.




Can you find “KUMAMON”?

If you can’t, why don’t you come and find your own “KUMAMON.” ^_^


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!