Big Hit!! Glasses for Hot Spa


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“Japanese loves bathing”.  This is well-known fact.  But if you have poor eye sight, it could be slightly uncomfortable when your glasses get misted up or when you have to give up wearing glasses.  As for myself, I have been wearing glasses or contact lenses for a quite long time now and I need them to be functional, but I don’t mind giving up wearing it in bath or spa.  But here we come, it seem there is a pair of glasses you can wear in hot spa!

According to an article, a Japanese glass maker now offers glasses for bath which has good anti-mist performance, and is resistant to heat and damage.  You can wear it in bathroom without irritation of mist, and it is hard to break even if you accidentally drop it.  And more importantly, as it is heat resistant, you can wear it in sauna, too!!

I never thought I’m in desperate need of glasses in bath because you can walk slowly to avoid tripping over, but I guess I wasn’t expecting to be able to wear glasses in bath, hot spa and sauna in the first place?  Of course, if I could, I will probably love wearing it then I don’t have to find conditioner in my hand while I really wanted body soap!  It seems there are 5 types of lenses, so it may not be perfect fit to your eyes, but it worth having when it’s just thousand odd yen???


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