Special Event to Enjoy 140 Ekibens

Today, I would like to introduce an article about delicious ekiben-related event held in Kanagawa prefecture.

According to the article, an exhibition of popular ekiben and local specialty food exhibition was held in Kanagawa prefecture last month.  All 140 popular ekibens gathered at once ranged from all-time best-sellers and newly-produced ones.


Let me share some images of the ekibens introduced in the article 🙂

Anpanman bento from Takamatsu station in Kagawa prefecture, which costs 1100 yen (equivalent to US$ 14).



This ekiben has Anpanman-shaped ketchup rice with dishes that everyone likes including deep-fried chicken, sausage etc (Anpanman is a very popular character of Japanese cartoon for children).  Also, this packed lunch comes with Anpanman-shaped tea bottle.  Looks so cute, doesn’t it~? (*^_^*)

Dream super express train 0 bento from Kobe station in Hyogo prefecture, which costs 1050 yen (equivalent to US$13.50).



This is a casual sushi style ekiben with some toppings such as conger and roast beef.  This bullet train-shaped box may attract many boys☆


And lastly, Hokkai tamatebako (Treasure chest of the North sea) ekiben of Asahikawa, Hokkaido, which costs 1100yen.



Lots of seafood (crab, salmon roe, herring roe, salmon, shellfish etc.) can be seen in this ekiben.  Nice and colourful one~♪

I just introduced 3 ekiben, so this means there were 137 more ekiben at the site!  Oh, my goodness, making me so hungry~_(_^_)_   Ekiben’s supposed to be enjoyed while traveling.

But it must be a great fun to choose your favorite one from countless ekibens brought together and compare each ekibens.


How did you like today’s article about ekiben?

‘I had this ekiben when I visited Japan!’  ‘If I’m coming to Japan, I want this!’ etc. etc…  Your comment is always welcome☆


Source: Walker Plus


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