Free Japanese Click Game “Dismantle a Burger”

Do you want to try a puzzle game? It is a click game “Dismantlement (Chap. Burger)” made and released by Gam.eBB.

You don’t need Japanese skill to play this game. What you need is only Basic English skill.


When the game is loaded, you see this picture.


In this game, you have a screwdriver from the beginning, so whenever you see screws, you can turn them by clicking them.

Now, click the cross head screw, and you will see the Burger combo just like the picture above in this page. On the plate, there are some keys to solve puzzles. Look at them really carefully!! And take note if you need to.

If you are ready, “dismantle” the burger by solving puzzles on each layer. You can go back and see the hints on the plate anytime by clicking the circle on the top right saying “close” or “return.” (If you can’t go to the next layer even after you took all the screws off, close once, and you will see the next layer.)


Are you ready to play? Click “Dismantlement (Chap. Burger)” to play the game. Enjoy! (^_^)



This is JAPAN Style!



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