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Have you watched the first long movie of LEGO, “The LEGO Movie” with mini LEGO figurines??  In Japan, the movie is available from 21st March, and LEGO movie series products were introduced before the beginning of the movie.  Today, I am going to write about LEGO art.


"yto" some rights reserved. flickr

“yto” some rights reserved. flickr


According to an article, LEGO derives from Danish words, “Leg Godt”, which means play well, and it is a globally well-known, and very well-designed for kids.  For example, it initially didn’t have green pieces so that children will not create war and military related objects using LEGO.  And all mini figurines of LEGO have yellow face, so that children do not have to think about racial discrimination while they are playing with the toy.  Anyway, there are so many elements added purely from a love for children 🙂



“Kentaro Ohno” some rights reserved. flickr


But of course, LEGO is not just for kids; there are many adults enjoy playing with LEGO.  Well, create artistic pieces shall I say?  It seems Tokyo University LEGO club made readable QR code using LEGO making the most of their sharp mind.  And another legendary masterpiece LEGO made by Tokyo university LEGO club member is the battleship Yamato which is 6.6m long using approx. 0.2 million pieces of LEGO!  The person who made this ship assuming mini figurines of LEGO as life-size humans.  It seems it took 6 years 4 months to complete this mission for the member and he actually received an acceptance letter to the university while he was on this project.


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