Most Common Last Names in Japan

The following chart is the Most Common Last Names in Japan.

#1: Sato

#2: Suzuki

#3: Takahashi

#4: Tanaka

#5: Watanabe

#6: Ito

#7: Yamamoto

#8: Nakamura

#9: Kobayashi

#10: Kato


There are some world known Japanese people with those last names, for example, fashion designers Yoji Yamamoto and Kansai Yamamoto, an actor who often plays in Hollywood films, Ken Watanabe, a base ball player called “Hit Machine”, Ichiro Suzuki, the foundation of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Michio Suzuki, a 2010 Olympic bronze medalist figure skater, Daisuke Takahashi, and so on.


By the way, my name “Tanaka” is ranked fourth, but I can’t think of any world famous Tanaka. Can you?


This is JAPAN Style!


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