Bake Your Own Senbei in Soka City!


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Do you like Japanese rice crackers, known as “senbei”? If you are indeed a senbei lover, you might have heard about “Soka senbei”,which is one of the most well known senbei varieties. Soka senbei is a regional specialty of Soka City in Saitama prefecture. There are plenty of senbei shops in Soka, but today I would like to tell you about one in particular; Yamako Senbei. This shop has a unique hands-on facility they call “Soka Senbei no Niwa” (niwa=garden) where up to 36 people at a time can engage in the senbei baking process themselves. That means you can enjoy nice, crispy senbei that you yourself baked!

And, it’s only ¥300(US$2.90) for the experience and the two pieces of baked senbei. Yamako Senbei also gives senbei lovers an up-close look the process – how professional bakers bake senbei. The shop has lots of souvenir items, too. So why not visit Yamako in Soka City if you have a chance!

Please have a look at their website as well 🙂

Yamako Senbei (Japanese language only)

[Visitor Information]
Address: 790-2 Kinmei-cho Soka-shi, Saitama
Phone: 048-942-1000
Hours: 10:00am – 7:00pm /Open throughout the year


Author: Junko


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