New Style Japanese Doughnuts?


Doughnuts are delicious!

But they are also deep fried, and most people care about the calories (T_T). Recently in Japan, baked and cold doughnuts have been popular as healthier alternatives to regular doughnuts, and long lines have been forming in front of the doughnut shops.


Japanese Doughnuts

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Baked doughnuts.



Here is a funny story. The other day my friend, Yoko, waited in a line and bought some baked doughnuts for her son who is a doughnut lover. But just after he had a bite, his happy smile disappeared, becoming a confused look.

He said, “Mom…This is not a doughnut, is it?” He thought that it looked like a doughnut but tasted like a slice of pound cake. Well, I think he is right. The ingredients in doughnuts and pound cake are similar, so if you bake the dough for doughnuts, it becomes just like a “doughnut-shaped pound cake” (^^;).


Japanese Doughnuts

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Cold doughnuts.
These might  be “doughnut-shaped Bavarian creams”?



Japanese Doughnuts

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Bagels also look like doughnuts.
Could they be called “
baked doughnuts”!?



Ummm…I’m getting confused. Anyway, nobody is going to stand in line to buy “doughnut-shaped pound cake”. Choosing the correct name must be one of the most important factors in marketing a product! 😉



This is JAPAN Style!


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