Perfect For Digital Scrapbooking: Smareco Pen


Today I would like to share an epoch-making invention, just like a tool from Doraemon’s pocket!

The product is called the “Smareco Pen” (¥650/US$8) produced by Nakabayashi, the Japanese stationery maker. By using this Smareco Pen, you can enjoy ‘digital’ scrapbooking very easily. The steps are very simple. Just drawing lines around the part you want to convert into digital data, and taking photos with a special free smartphone app.

You can isolate not only a simple frame enclosed by straight lines, but also other shapes drawn with curved lines such as circles and hearts. A variety of correction functions (shape/color/size etc.) are automatic, so complicated operations are not necessary. And it’s easy to categorize and organize your collected data, because you can name and tag each file. What’s more, you also can handwrite on the data.

Here is the PR video for Smareco. Sorry that I couldn’t find the English version, but I think you can mostly understand Smareco’s features without narration 😉



Looks great, doesn’t it? This product might just usher in the “new generation of scrapbooking” (^^)!


Source: Walker Plus


This is JAPAN Style!