Meltingly Delicious! Otawara Beef

Nowadays, Wagyu is pretty famous even in other countries, but among all luxury wagyu, a specific type of wagyu seems to be catching people’s attention in Japan.

This special wagyu, called Otawara beef is one of the best high quality wagyu, and some menu with 200g of this beef could cost over 100 thousand yen (US$1275)!  Of course, I have never had such an expensive meat myself Lol!  But how would it taste like…?


Japanese beef


Well, according to an owner of Otawara beef restaurant, definition of Otawara beef is a bit unique compared to others.  Unlike other specialty meat brand such as Matsuzaka beef and Yonezawa beef, it refers to all beef from all over Japan, which satisfies a certain rank set by Japan Meat Grading Association.

This meat rank has 15 levels, and Otawara beef has to meet condition of A5 level, which is the top of the rank.  Even if a meat satisfies A5 rank, it is not the end.  The meat still have to achieve BMS 10 to be defined as Otawara beef…  Anyway, it doesn’t mean that cows have to be brought up in Otawara-city of Tochigi pref at all.


Japanese beef

※This is just an image picture of wagyu meat.


This rating system sounds a bit complicated…(・・;)  The owner of the restaurant also explained that only 3 cows out of 100 cows defined as Otawara beef can be used for 100 thousand yen level steak…w(・o・)w  So, even though places to raise cows are not restricted to produce Otawara beef, it is still pretty difficult to achieve such a high level of standard!

Well, probably such a precious meat can be worth 100 thousand yen…?  I can’t say ‘I will try myself, too’ this time, but FYI, fat melting point of Otawara beef is as low as 19 degrees, so even raw meat can be dissolved almost immediately after being put into your mouth!  If you cook and enjoy the meat as rare steak, it seems it becomes even more tasty and somehow fruity…

Interestingly, the restaurant owner explains that majority of customers are in their 20s and 30s, and use them for some anniversary occasion.  Would there be any occasion that I will be eating such an expensive meat myself…? (I would rather going to long weekend holiday if I have such a money (〃´・ω・`)ゞ)


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