Japanese Unique Product — ECO OTOME


Can you tell what this is??




It’s a bathroom noise maker named “Eco-Otome”, which emits the sound of water flashing to conceal unpleasant sounds in a bathroom.

Since it was released a couple months ago, it became a big hit in Japan.

As a matter of fact, this product was sold out at many stores.

In Japan, women flush the toilet when they are using it to cover the sound of their businesses; therefore, some public bathrooms have noise maker installed.

With this Eco-Otome, women don’t have to flush but just press the button and make noise.

More women use Eco-Otome, more water we can save.

That’s why it’s called Eco-Otome, meaning “Eco Princess”.

Because this is tiny and has chain, it can be carried in a purse or even in a pocket!

It only costs 315 yen (about 3.50 US Dollar).



This is JAPAN Style!


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