Prayers From Cosplayers

“Pray for Japan” has become a huge movement in the world. And now other movements are succeeding one after another. One of them is “Prayers from Cosplayers”. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it :)? On this eleven language multi-lingal website, you can see a large number of photos of cosplayers with encouraging messages from all over the world. Everyone pray for Japan, where cosplay was born. There must be many cosplay-lovers even in damaged areas. If you are cosplayers, please do try to post your cheer-up photos ^^!



“Cosplay makes people smile”

A historic earthquake has assailed Japan.

Amongst the victims are many fans of anime, manga and games.

Although time and resources are necessary for the reconstruction,

it is courage and smiles that needed above all.

Please send courage, smiles and your best wishes to our friends with the same hobbies.

Quoted from:  Prayers from Cosplayers