Street Portraits are Fun!

You may have seen artists drawing people’s portraits like in the photo below.



Today, let me share the story of a man who tries to draw FREE portraits on the street. “Free” sounds great, but the problem is that he is not an artist and not especially good at drawing(^^; So, he decides to hold a sign like the one below.






“But It’s bad…”


He is today’s challenger. Here we go!


The first customer is a lady from Taiwan. Let’ see his drawing of her!


Hmm…. What do you think?


Her expression shows a little uncertainty about the drawing.
Maybe it is just OK, or she doesn’t like it but cannot say so…(^^;


He adds a word “very” to the sign. “It’s VERY bad.”


The second customer is this gentleman. How about his portrait?


Oh! this one may be just slightly better than the first drawing.
He looks satisfied with his portrait(^^).


Goodbye, gentleman. And thank you for letting him draw your portrait!


A samurai warrior and various sushi. He practices drawing while waiting for the next customer.


And he tempts people with candies.
Yes, the bait works! High school girls love candies!


He begins drawing the portrait of one girl.


The portrait is not very kawaii,
but the girl looks happy, breaking into a kawaii smile (^o^).


The schoolgirl even draws a portrait of him.
It is nice, isn’t it?


Now, another girl is drawing his portrait.
Let’s see how it looks.


Wow! Maybe it’s better than the original!?


Thank you, girls. And….. the gentleman?


The next customer is this baby.
He looks excited about what the street artist drew.
What’s that? Let’s take a closer look.


The drawing he gave the baby is of Anpan-man and Doraemon!
Looks OK, this time (^^).


The next customers are these dogs. I wonder if he can draw animals well.


What are these? Aliens!?


He should be thankful that the dogs don’t understand how terrible this drawing is… If they do, they will bark or bite him in protest (^^;


His drawing was not good, but the owner of the dogs still looks satisfied.
Goodbye Ms. and doggies. And thank you guys!


The gentleman, again  (?_?)!!
Just what are you doing around here!?


Source: Daily Portal Z