Finally, the Rilakkuma Sofa!



One of the most popular Japanese characters, Rilakkuma, transforms into a super cute sofa. Look at this! No other sofa will ever make you smile and be happy like this 😉

As you may know, Rilakkuma is a portmanteau of the words “relax” (Japanese pronunciation) and “kuma” (bear in Japanese). Don’t you think it’s perfect to snuggle and relax on this sofa? It’s like being held in Rilakkuma’s arms.

According to the company website, this sofa is sturdy and well crafted as well as cute. Skillful Japanese furniture artisans elaborately produce these, one unit at a time. The material is synthetic leather, and it’s easy to clean.


Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 2.48.46 PM


This is an exclusive, build-to-order manufacturing offer. Only ten sofas are being constructed in the initial ordering period – January 6 to 26. So, if you want to add this adorable sofa to your Rilakkuma collection, you’d better hurry!

Oh, but wait. there’s one more thing; the cost of the Rilakkuma sofa might not cause you to relax. The price is…… ¥197,400 (US$1,890)! The domestic shipping fee seems to be included, but still…I can’t afford it (*_*) And I’m afraid they don’t ship it overseas…


Source: SAN-X CO .,LTD

Author: Junko

This is JAPAN Style!