Unique Ways to Enjoy Japanese Pot Noodles!

Pot noodles are lifesaver… When you don’t fancy cooking or have no time to cook at all, they are there offering you a helping hand (?) with a wide variety of flavours.  Fortunately, they are not just soup noodle, but udon, yakisoba and pasta are available, too. But here comes today’s article!  I found an article which introduces unique way to enjoy Japanese pot noodle!


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According to the article, some Japanese people like adding topping to their pot noodles.  For example, add milk to seafood flavoured pot noodle to make it taste like cram chowder.  Also, it seems adding milk to soy flavoured ramen, you can turn your soy flavoured pot noodle into pork stock noodle!  In addition to this, adding cheese and tomato puree to salt flavoured ramen makes it pizza flavoured noodle !!!

Perhaps I’m not radical enough to come up with such an idea to add dailies to my pot noodle, but if it’s good, I should probably give it a go at least once??  (for pork stokc ramen, I could just buy tonkotsu flavoured one in the first place though! lol)

I also found that quite a lot of people arrange pot noodle to make cold noodle probably to make it suited for hot weather in summer.  But of course, these are not all the unique ideas I wanted to share with you…  So after finish eating noodle, what people with no unique approach to food like me would do is just drink soup and that’s it.  It is still good, but what people with a full of imagination do is…


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Making chawanmushi by adding egg to the remaining soup!

It seems you just have to add beaten egg and microwave it, but wow!  Who could think of making chawanmuchi out of ramen???  I need such an imagination really or I cannot imagine how much good things I will miss out in my life (><)!!


What do you think about today’s article?

Please let me know if you do have other unique idea of enjoying pot noodle!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you 🙂


Source: Daily Ameba News


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