How Much Do Japanese Girls Spend on Valentine’s Chocolate?

Valentine ’s Day is one of the biggest event for Japanese boys and girls in February.  Some boys just look forward to it dreaming of receiving more chocolates from girls than any other boys in his class.  And some can be dreaded from the morning of 14th or earlier thinking of not getting any chocolate.  Yes, it can be a day of victory or traumatic defeat.

Today, I would like to introduce an article, which writes about valentine’s chocolate of Japan.


"bouken-asobi" some rights reserved. flickr

“bouken-asobi” some rights reserved. flickr


From girls point of view, Valentine’s chocolate can be separated into 2 types; ones for someone special and ones for a sense of social obligation (well, this year, there is so calle, “choco for family”, too!).  You will see a wide variety of choc in the market of February ranging from cute character ones from luxury ones, but many girls prepare hand-made chocolate sweets for someone special.

Now, regardless of hand-made or pre-made, how much do you think Japanese girls typically spend for Valentine’s choc?  According to a survey of a company targeting 300 women in their 20s to 40s, more than 40% of people spend 1-1,000 yen (US$9.80) for choc to their sweetheart.  And approx. 30% spend 1,001- 2,000 yen, and 15+% spend 2,001-3,000 yen for special choc on Valentine’s Day.


"detsugu" some rights reserved. flickr

“detsugu” some rights reserved. flickr


I’m not sure how people can buy or make choc out of 1 yen lol???  (Ask your family to make one for you??  ,,, still too cheap!! lol)  But 1,000 sounds like cost for hand-made choc?? 🙂  Personally speaking, it is nice to know that people still make choco putting all effort to give a choco sweets to their sweetheart while there are many many types of chocolate available in the market^^  I hope all boys will enjoy choco from their love!


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Source: Daily Ameba News


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