Marriage Hunting and Wedding Ceremony on Train! Why Not??

I previously covered stories about marriage hunting in Japan for a few times, and I think I wrote about marriage hunting on train, too, as far as I remember. Basically, ladies and gentleman who look for their love, but are not being able to find the right one, sign up for this partner hunting train trip and find their love during the train journey. I personally think it’s probably better this way rather than just going to some marriage hunt party at some fancy venues, because train trip probably bring more natural opportunity to talk each other, and even if you won’t be able to find your Mr or Miss Right, you can still enjoy more than just expensive food in fancy hotel lol (Well, don’t get me wrong, good food at hotel is still good eating on your own, but I guess it’s just too sad to enjoy too good food alone…)


"kimtetsu" some rights reserved. flickr

“kimtetsu” some rights reserved. flickr


Anyway, what I wanted to write today is not just about marriage on train; it seems it is not just marriage hunt you can do on train, but you can get married on train, too.

According to an article, SL locomotive, C56 is one of a few locomotives which survived through the war, and considered as ‘lucky locomotive’. It seems the first couple who got married on this locomotive cerebrated their new start with approx. 110 people.


"kanegen" some rights reserved. flickr

“kanegen” some rights reserved. flickr


Also, Express train, Nankai Rapi;t offers their car no.1 as a wedding venue, too.


"nappa" some rights reserved. flickr

“nappa” some rights reserved. flickr


Cool, isn’t it? Japanese trains are generally pretty clean, and ones for wedding must be extra clean so I think they are appropriate as a venue. As long as groom can be mindful about not to let his bride fall as the train moves, I think train can be a nice and unique venue^^ If the train wedding service will be developed further in the future, we could take whole guests to somewhere nice while having party phase 1 on train?? Now, that sounds brilliant, doesn’t it??  🙂


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Source: NAVER matome


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