Matryoshka Dolls Made from Starbucks Cups


It’s extremely hot in Japan this summer! People rush to air conditioned Starbucks to enjoy cold drinks. So, Starbucks Cafes are always busy… It is sometimes difficult even to find a seat (-_-). Our blogger Ms. O, is one of those who cannot find a seat at Starbucks. Every time she visits Starbucks for a cold frappuccino drink, she must order it “to go”.

Thus she has variety of empty plastic cups from Starbucks at home.



Small cups and big cups. They resemble Matryoshka dolls… And, from these cups, Ms.O actually starts making Matryoshka dolls (^^; However, she has only “short” and “tall” cups, so she goes to Starbucks to get “grande” and “venti” sized cups as well.


This is grande size. Ms.O looks very serious. A bit too much for her (^^;?


Venti=590cc & short=240cc. Venti is bigger than a large beer can.


Now, she got all sizes!


OMG! A tall cup doesn’t fit in a grande cup.


She cuts the edge off.


It makes the situation worse. So unstable…
But Ms.O doesn’t care about such a small thing.
Let’s keep moving!


She starts drawing a traditional-looking Matryoshika doll.


Poster colors seem suitable for painting on Starbucks plastic cup.


Bordering with black lines makes her drawing look cooler.


Now, she draws in the face of the Starbucks siren.
A bit scary.


One is done. But she still has three more to go.


Ten hours have passed… And Ms. O has created four very convincing Matryoshka dolls from Starbucks cups. Let’s check them out!



Doo wop!

Doo doo wop wop!!

Doo wah~~~!




Hello. How is everyone?


What are you doing here, Mr. Penguin?

Why are you here, Mrs. Tree?


These folksy Matryoshka dolls look a bit strange, but I like them! I think Starbucks Cafes should sell Russian tea in this cup 😉


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!