“Nikodama”: Bring Anything to Life!

The toy that a pair of eyes blinks like a creature, “Nikodama” was released last summer, and it has caught a large attention from consumers in Japan.



The two eye balls blink at the same time. Using the sucker-pads come with the eyes, anything turns to be a creature! In the video below, things in a park got lives with Nikodama!



Aren’t they cute? And they even look alive! The toy includes stickers designed eye brows and tears to play different expressions.

Here is another video. The eyes on an office door. The newspaper slot looks like a mouth(^_^)



The creator team and sales company, Cube didn’t expect it to hit because only thing the toy does is blinking; however, they decided to “give it try.” Unexpectedly, stores found it very interesting, and the first productions were sold out in only one month.



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