Traveling Tokyo with Lonely Planet: Part 2

This is the follow-up to the article “Traveling Tokyo with Lonely Planet: Part 1”. Our blogger Mr.K goes on a brief journey around Tokyo carrying his copy of Lonely Planet with him.

Now he is in a very popular tourist site, Asakusa.


Kaminari-mon (literally means “thunder gate”) is too famous,
so Mr.K just passes by without lingering.


His first destination in Asakusa is a public bath house called “Jakotsu-yu”.
According to Lonely Planet, their hot water comes from natural hot springs!


The Jakotsu-yu bath house is located on a dim back street.


In kanji letters, ‘ja’ of Jakotsu is snake,
‘kotsu’ means bone and ‘yu’ is hot water.


A Western woman enters.


Buttons on the ticket vending machine. 
Not only are features written in Japanese, but also in Chinese, English, and Korean.


Mr. K scours the pages of Lonely Planet to choose a good place for dinner.
The one he is interested in is Omoide-Yokocho in Shinjuku.
Venturing to Shinjuku from Asakusa just to have a dinner is quite an odyssey,
but Mr. K’s decision is firm!


Omoide-Yokocho (literally means ‘memory lane’) is a bar-lined street
which reminds Japanese people of the good old days (^^).


Foreign tourists also love this small street
which has plenty of yakitori and cold beer.


Yakitori (skewered chicken) is grilled in front of the guests.
It must be quite fun to watch.


Not only is it fun, but also yakitori tastes so good!!


Mr. K’s final destination is a guest house called Khaosan Tokyo Annex, back in Asakusa.
There must be many backpackers from all over the world in this spot.



According to Mr. K, 90% of all guests are from various countries outside Japan, and everyone speaks English here. Staying at this guest house might be better to improve one’s English than taking lessons at a school (^^;

On this journey, Mr. K seems to have felt as if he is traveled abroad, and had a good time seeing Tokyo from the foreigners’ perspective. Traveling Japan with Lonely Planet might be an easy, informed way to have an international experiences 😉


Source: Daily Portal Z


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