New Type of Art?? Collection of Scribbling from All Over the World

When you say ‘art collection’, it sounds great and even posh, but here is very unique and new type of art collection I’d like to introduce you today; collection of scribbling.

This collector gathered many many scribbling from 41 countries in 5 years!  Don’t understand why this collector is doing this?  Well, art is not supposed to be understood by everyone for the first place, I think 😛



Anyway, this scribbling from Belgium actually triggered the birth of this rather unique collection.  Pretty cute one, isn’t it?



Picture from Italy.  Fountain pen shows a sign of sophistication??



One from Columbia. Err, ink seems to have a serious problem… Defect??



 From Argentina. Some people even wrote on price! Lol




And another one from Kenya. Their tend to be almost too hard to store nicely as you can see their typical condition above…


The collector now has wide variety of scribbbling from surprising 41 countries; some are brought from holiday destination; some are given as souvenir from friends. When it comes to Japanese luxury stationary shop, shop assistants voluntarily keep their demonstration paper for the collector!  (How kind they are!)

According to the scribbling admirer, demonstration paper has a particular charm unlike other doodling, draft or signature because this type of scribbling is not drawn with intention to show them to others, so it does show drawers’ character.  Also, difference by country is enjoyable to see.

Anyway, although these scribbling does have clear difference by country, it seems there are commonly used term on demonstration sheet.  What do you think that will be?

Well, the answer is ‘I love mum’ and heart mark 🙂


What do you think about today’s article?

I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you☆


Source: Daily Portal Z