Japanese Style Painted Train — FUSUMA on Train!?

Recently, advertisements are often seen on Japanese trains.

Pictures and ads of a product are painted on an entire train.

It’s an exceptionally effective advertisement because millions people see it a day!

This is not an advertisement but I found a uniquely painted train in a website.

It’s a [W:manyoushuu] (the oldest existing collection of Japanese poetry) wrapped train in Kansai district.


Japanese train

Japanese train

The inside of the train is neat too. It has Japanese style paintings.

The doors look like fusuma.

What is “fusuma”?

It’s a sliding door or separation found in Japanese traditional style house.

In old times, any house had fusuma but recent condominiums don’t have it; it’s not so usual in the cities.

In the picture below, the doors separating two tatami rooms are fusuma.

Japanese fusuma

"TANAKA Juuyoh" some rights reserved. flickr


Some fusuma doors are painted like this one.

Japanese fusuma

"kayomiy3" some rights reserved. flickr


Hummm…to compare the pictures, that train doors surely remind me fusuma.

Not all Japanese trains are painted like this! (It would be cool if they were though.)

Reference:Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!


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