From the Japanese Kitchen: Tonjiru


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“Tonjiru” is a kind of miso soup made with pork and vegetables. It’s perfect for dinner on a cold night. Today I’d like to share a simple tonjiru recipe from my favorite cooking video program, Cooking with Dog. Let’s check it out! 


[ Ingredients for tonjiru: Serves 2-3 ]

80g Thin Pork Slices (2.8 oz)

50g Daikon Radish (1.8 oz)

25g Carrot (0.9oz)

40g Gobo, Burdock Root (1.4 oz)

50g Konjac (1.8 oz)

80g Taro (2.8 oz)

70g Long Green Onion (2.5 oz)

2 Shiitake Mushrooms

1 tbsp Sake

2~2½ tbsp Miso

500ml Dashi Stock (2.1 cups)

Shichimi – Seven Flavor Chili Powder

or substitute: Ichimi, red chili powder or grated ginger root



Tonjiru recipes vary depending on the regions or families. In other words, it’s a versatile dish with lots of room for personalization. Regular brown/white potatoes or even sweet potatoes can be substituted for taro. Long green onions can be replaced by regular round onions. And other possible ingredients include tofu, cabbage, chinese cabbage, simeji mushrooms, lotus root, grated ginger and so on. It’s also good to stir-fry the ingredients with a bit of sesame oil at first, and add water later 🙂


Source: Cooking with Dog

Author: Junko


This is JAPAN Style!