Tip to Provide Successful Wedding Entertainment

Being invited to a wedding ceremony can be an honour because you can be a part of happy memory of your family or friend.  It is also good opportunity to appreciate your relationship with your family, loved ones and friends once again, too.  Yes, that is what you can say when you are invited to a wedding party as a pure guest.  But if bride and groom are particularly close friends of you, you may end up providing entertainment to other guests as a best friend of bride and groom.  I don’t know if this often happen overseas, too, but I believe there is more than just a few Japanese people in 20s and 30s who have provided entertainment in the past, and unfortunately, they weren’t very successful (ouch!)

Today, I would like to introduce an article which explained a tip to provide successful wedding entertainment.


"Dakiny" some rights reserved. flickr

“Dakiny” some rights reserved. flickr


According to an article, wedding party of those in 20s and 30s tend to focus on how to provide good time to guests rather than how bride and groom want their wedding party to be unique and themselves.  Sometimes, they even take wedding party as extended reunion party.  So, basic concept is to enjoy time together with friends.  Regardless of entertainment type (i.e. sing a song, dance, comedy), it is important to bring all audience together and entertain them.

On the other hand, type of entertainment which is unlikely to be appreciated is pure show off.  Playing perfect music and do what you are really good at in front of guest is fine but only if they are played to cerebrate happiness of the couple.  Where the majority of couple prefer to entertain guests and bring everyone together, focusing on yourself as an entertainer sort of goes against the couple’s way of thinking.  What Japanese also have to remember is not going too indelicate like normal drinking occasion i.e. taking your clothes off…

Well, I have never seen anybody being too drunk to provide decent entertainment so far, but I do understand how easily we can forget to entertain people and focus on perfection for ourselves…  The article recommends you to remember entertainment is for everybody but not for our own ego.  Then, everybody will appreciate your courage and performance!


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