Wasabi Stories vol.192: “If You Beat Your Brains Out, Things Will Work Out”


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“If You Beat Your Brains Out, Things Will Work Out”

Today’s story-teller is nonfiction writer Megumi Hisada.

Hisada got a warning from someone about a casual remark she passed. Her story begins with it.

She said, “I get strangely lighten up when the economy falls into depression.” These words were her casual remark. Then someone warned her not to say such a thing in front of others because there may be some people who are suffering from getting laid off.


However, she has a reason to say so. Depression reminds her of her past experience.

Dating back in 1972, during the oil shocks of the 70s.

She was in her twenties and she was a part-time worker at that time.

She was working from place to place. But one small factory went bankrupt when she was working at the factory.

It was a depressing time for everyone. However, perhaps since she was young, she had confidence in herself that things would have worked out for her.

Some of her friends got into Yakitori restaurant or a private detective business which didn’t require any capital. On the other hand, Hisada started a puppet theatrical group with her friends.

They gathered up all the tools, practiced the play in their small apartment, and they started playing as soon as it took shape.

They drove to a little distance away from Tokyo for the promotions.

They traveled around all over the place and visited kindergartens and nursery schools with a map in their hands.


Hisada says, “All the managers of kindergartens we visited welcomed us even we were visiting them without an appointment. When we were visiting places for the show, we tried to promote our play whenever we spotted kindergartens or nursery schools.”


She came up with ways for getting for more work. For instance, she also worked as an evening home teacher. She offered to cook dinner for the kids for something extra to get more students. So she did beat her brains out.

It has been 37 years since then. But when the economy fell into depression lately, it reminded her of the old time when she made untiring efforts for living.

Finally, she sends a message to young people: “Give it your best!”

So it was a story that Hisada starts getting motivated when the economy is in a depression.


The NIKKEI 01/16/2010 by Megumi Hisada (nonfiction writer)




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