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The winter holidays are over and we have at last returned to the rhythms of normal daily life. This year, I didn’t return to my hometown (Sapporo, Japan) because it’s desperately far from where I currently live (the American south). How about you?

There is a large expat population in Japan and it is safe to assume that a majority returned to their home countries for the holidays. Today, I would like to share with you five things that most expats living in Japan bring back with them when they return from holidays in their home countries . If you’re planning to move to Japan, this might be worth noting 🙂


1. Deodorant
Japanese deodorant products are mostly of the spray type. So, if you are a regular user of stick-type deodorant you probably should stock up on them. In Japan, deodorant sticks are scarce and pricey.

2. Clothing/shoes
For both men and women, large-sized clothing and shoes are challenging to find in Japan.

3. Medicines/Supplements
Needless to say, most people would prefer home country medicines/supplements that they are familiar with. Also, expats may find frustration with Japanese pharmacies; inconveniently they are not open late at night (as many western pharmacies are).

4. Cosmetics/toiletries
People from other countries often find that Japanese hair and skin products are inadequate for their needs . While away, expats typically stock up on their favorite shampoo, toothpaste, skin cream and so on.

5. Sauces
There seem to be many expats who bring their favorite sauces such as salsa, chili, and various pasta sauces. It must be an easy and quick way to enjoy their own countries’ flavors, but at the same time these must be very heavy (big glass jars and such) to carry around.



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