Solo Trip Getting Increasingly Popular Among Japanese Men

Travel as free as bird…  That is the beauty of solo trip although travelling with family and friends are also good.  There must be a lot of reasons why people just love it, and it seems more and more male in Japan are getting into it recently.


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According to a study done by travel arrangement website, the number of solo traveller has been increasing in the past 7 years/  Approx. 14% of hotel/ hostel booking made in FY 2011 was for solo travellers, and almost a quarter of that was men between 20 and 34 year old.  This figure of male solo travellers increased by 2.4 points compared to the previous year.


But what could be the reason why people are so getting into travelling alone?

A travel writer explains that it because solo travel allows you to decide where to go, when and what to do all by yourself, and once you reach your destination, you can spend time there as much as you want, too.

Well, of course, you sometimes have to compromise what you are going to do to some extents if what you and your mate want to do conflict, so I guess solo travel can be an ultimate orm of me time for men ??  It must be a good opportunity to feel freedom like that but does it not make you lonely when you travel alone?

It is, of course, not all about fun; if you have some troubles during your trip alone, you have to sort out everything by yourself as you cannot have your family and friends help sort out your problems beside you, which could possibly make you feel a bit (sometimes a lot) lonely.  So unless you are an experienced solo traveller, it is advisable to travel somewhere you can easily find people around you according to the travel writer.  So his recommendation for beginners is to go to city side rather than going to mountain for trekking or beach as being totally alone in great nature could just end up making you feel sad and lonely!  😛


Ah, I think I will prefer going to city to mountain-side or beach if I’m travelling alone…  I will probably end up calling my friends on the phone finding myself lonely.  It could certainly be a good opportunity to appreciate your family and friends though.

FYI, the travel writer personally recommends solo travellers to go to either Okinawa or Hokkaido because people are generally very friendly there and it tends to be quite different from other mainland areas, in other words, you can feel the sense of travelling a lot!


What do you think about today’s article?

I will be looking forward to hearing your solo travel story if you have one regardless of inside/ outside Japan  😉


Source: web R25


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