How to Order Super Complicated Coffee at STURBUCKS in Japan




I am not good at ordering at STARBUCKS COFFEE because there are so many ways to customize, and it bothers me.

So, whenever I go there, I just order “Today’s Coffee” 🙂

Well, I am not the only one.


This Japanese man who is uncomfortable with ordering at STARBUCKS challenged to customize the most complicated and long-named coffee.

Here is his report.

Let’s go to STARBUCKS!!


<The Report Starts Here>

Step 1: Ask the barista how to customize

I told the baristas about my challenge, and they taught me how to customize.

1. Choose drink
2. Choose size
3. Customize

Their base-drink includes Cafe Mocha, Caramel Frappuccino and Rhumba Frappuccino.



First, pick a base-drink


…and ddd topping and sauce to the base-drink


Barista: “I recommend Frappuccino because it’s the longest name. We call the other drinks by short names.”

Barista: “You can add extra whipped-creme, syrup, or sauce on top. You can also add chocolate coffee chips called Rhuma chips.”


They politely told me some tips to make the order as much as possible.


Step 2: Order a drink

With the baristas’ help, I composed the seemed-to-be-the-longest-named drink, and I ordered.

The barista bar got busy… while making other customers’ coffee, two baristas were making my crazy coffee by checking carefully if nothing was missing.

After they finished fixing some coffee, a barista called…


“Short Mocha is ready.”

– No, not mine.


“Short Latte is ready.”

– No, not mine.


“Venti hazelnuts-vanilla-almond-caramel Chocolate Creme Frappuccino with espresso shot, extra whipped creme, caramel-mocha sauce and Rhumba chips is ready.”

– That’s the one! My order!



Chocolate Creme Frappuccino with espresso shot, extra whipped creme,
four different syrups and two different sauces and Rhumba chips!!



Look at all these marks! It’s usually a couple.


Step 3: Taste it!

I added all kinds of things but how is the taste?


…..Hmmmm tasty.


No matter how many things you add, it doesn’t get weird. It’s good.



It’s kind of hard to eat.

How much was it??

It was 940 yen (540-yen Venti Chocolate Creme Frappuccino plus eight 50-yen additions).


starbucks in Japan


<The Report Ends Here>


The reporter feels like he knows much better about ordering at STARBUCKS.

It was an interesting challenge.


Good job, man!


How is the STARBUCKS in your country like?

Is there special menu?

Reference: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!


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