Manga, Anime, Game world Becomes Reality!? Japanese Customized-Replica Cosplay Props Creator

A Japanese manga “BLEACH” has so many fans in the world, and I am one of them.

Some of you might know but that the key of the manga is katana (sword)”.

I always wanted to hold a katana that the characters have, just like I wanted to wear Kamen Rider (Masked Rider: a classic Japanese hero)’s transformation belt in my childhood.

So, I searched online to find a dream craftsman who can make such props from manga worlds…and I found one!


SHOP website (Japanese)

A Japanese man, Mr. Yamamoto takes orders for custom-made replicas, and as you can see in the website, he exactly replicates things like a weapon that a video game character has.



gun brade
gun brade gun brade

Roto sword

Roto sword


Photo 1) Final Fantasy VIII: “Squall’s Gunblade” like model

Photo2) Dragon Quest: “Roto (also known as Loto or Erdrick)’s Sword” like imitation sword


They are amazing!  😯

I especially want the Gunblade from Final Fantasy!

His impressive works made me want to ask him some questions, so I interviewed him.

Are there all handmade?
“Yes. They are full customized handmade.

After I took a detailed order from a customer, I make a design plan and then start making it.

Are they made of metal?
“They can be made of metal or nonmetal. Both available.”

How long does it take to make one?
“About one month..”

What’s your hobby?
“I like manga. I have over 10,000 manga books. My favorites are; for example, “Spriggan” and ”Cobra”.

I love Video games (especially “Final Fantasy”) and plastic models (especially Gundam) too.

Your favorite characters are…?
“Gilgamesh for sure (I even use her as my website’s mascot character). There’re so many that I can’t write them all here LOL.”

Could you tell your personal history briefly?
“After graduated from an art university, I home-stayed in England, and also went to Taiwan to study a language. I came back to Japan after I got really sick because a company president whom I got to know in Taiwan fed me tons of alcohol. I worked at mahjong club as a part-timer and saved money. Then, I went to Nepal to have my sword made. Now I make battle-gears in Japan.”


He is making like below…

Roto sword Roto sword
gunblade gunblade


**** **** **** ****

I can tell he is a colorful man by reading his history.

Mr. Yamamoto, a dream craftsman who can make the actual props that your favorite characters have.

They are perfect for those who are into cosplay of a manga, anime or game character.

I want him to make a replica (the Byakuya Kuchiki’s sword) from BLEACH for myself too (^_^)


SHOP website (Japanese)

*All of those swords are imitations.

This is JAPAN Style!


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