Wasabi Stories vol.188: “Greeting and the Parental Role”


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“Greeting and the Parental Role”

Today’s story teller is anchorman Hitoshi Kusano.

He says, “Kids who cannot communicate with people or who cannot even greet people are increasing nowadays.” This is about his story from what he heard from somebody.

The story is based on what happened at a bicycle shop. An elementary school kid visited the shop with his bicycle.


He did not say a word when he saw the shopkeeper. So, the shopkeeper asked what he wanted. Then the kid said just a word, “Air.”

Surely he understood the kid wanted him to put air into the tires of the bicycle. However, in order to let him talk and to make a conversation, he told the kid that he could get air anywhere.

Giving such an example, Kusano shows his concern over kids nowadays.

He believes that there is lack of communication within a family behind it. He thinks being a model role themselves, parents should teach their children to greet people and how to express themselves.


Kusano says, “What is important for us humans is that communicating with other people by using words to make interrelationship better.”


Finally, he thinks that all our behavior is based on what you learn within the family. For this reason, the parental role is very important.


The NIKKEI 01/21/2010 by Hitoshi Kusano (anchorman)




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