The Master of Ventriloquism; IKKOKU TAMAKI




Have you seen any ventriloquist’s performance before?


Some are good but others are like “excuse me…but I can clearly see your lips moving.”

This Japanese famous ventriloquist never disappoints his audiences!!

His name is Ikkoku Tamaki, and he is the leader of Ikkoku-dou (company) which consists of puppets and himself.



In the year of 2000, Ikkoku-dou did the opening performance for an international ventriloquists festival in Las Vegas, and since then, Ikkoku-dou has toured in America, Asia and Europe.

What is amazing about Ikkoku is that he can even pronounce the sounds like “p”, “m” or “b” without opening his mouth.

Not only throwing his voice to puppets, he can delay his voice to his lips move.

In this video, Ikkoku performs the “delay voice”, and throwing voice to a man in pink jacket and sing “Santa Lucia”. (His performance is only one and half minute.)



This is JAPAN Style!


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