Fusion of Hello Kitty and Daruma Doll!?


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I asked my friend who is from another country and lives in Japan, “what is your favorite Japanese character?” and she answered quickly, “Hello Kitty.”

Hello Kitty seems to be very popular in the world, and I heard that there are enthusiastic fans in Asia and Europe.

Hello Kitty is famous for its variety of products.

The stuffed dolls, key rings, bags, regional limited items, and collaboration with famous brands; there are wide varieties of related goods have been launched.

The very things I found online yesterday was surprising Hello Kitty goods series.

Amazingly, the series is collaboration of Japanese Daruma doll and Hello Kitty.



Here are the pictures.




It has Hello Kitty on the body part of the Daruma doll LOL.

A famous Daruma manufacturer, “Takasaki Daruma” and Hello Kitty’s producer company, “Sanrio” teamed up and made a formula “Traditional Art x Hello Kitty.”

There are some color variations, and each color has different meaning.

The pink one is “self-help.”


For other color examples, I picked up four.


kitty_daruma_white kitty_daruma_yellow
kitty_daruma_red kitty_daruma_black


The meaning of each is;

White = Love or wish for good match

Yellow = Luck with money

Red = Attainment of one’s cherished desire

Black = Guarding against evil spirit


There are blue, green and purple too. A Hello Kitty collector may collect them all (^_^)

Another thing. I found cute Daruma dolls.


Hello Kitty daruma


A pair of Daruma dolls in a heart shaped box. Is it for a couple?


By the way, these dolls are about 2,000 to 3,000 yen (US$23 to 35).

You can never keep your eyes off from Hello Kitty goods!


Source: Kitty Daruma



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