From the Japanese Kitchen: Oyako-don

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Oyakodon is one of my favorite among the Japanese rice bowl dishes! It’s quick and easy to make 🙂  “Oyako-don” literary means “parent and child rice bowl”. Does it sound somewhat weird? “Parent and child” here indicates the presence of chicken (parent) and egg (child) in one bowl.

I would like to share a simple recipe from my favorite cooking video program, Cooking with Dog!



[Ingredients for Oyako-don /serves 1]

40~50ml Dashi Stock (1½~1¾ fl oz)
1 tbsp Soy Sauce
½ tbsp Sake
½ tbsp Sugar
½ tbsp Mirin
½ Small Onion
75g Boneless Chicken Thigh (2¾ oz)
2 Eggs
10 stems of Mitsuba Parsley
200g Fresh Steamed Rice (7 oz)


Japanese seafood restaurants sometimes serve another oyako-don called “kaisen (seafood) oyako-don”, made with salmon and salmon roe. Sounds good, doesn’t it ;)? I came up with other combinations of parent and child. How about “cod and cod-roe” and “sturgeon (edible?) and caviar”. I personally am very interested in the caviar one!


Source: Cooking with Dog

This is JAPAN Style!