Ultimate Local Specialty Food?! Remote Island Food

Local specialty food always catches people’s attention in Japan, and nowadays, you can see many types of local specialty food event and exhibition around the country.  And I read an article about shops specialized in specialty food of remote islands in Japan.


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According to the article, the person who started this shop came up with the idea of opening local specialty food shop when he first had Japanese oysters at Nakano-shima island of Shimane pref, which just changed his view on food and gives him all passion in providing local specialty food across Japan.


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He explained that the reason why local specialty food so special is because they are usually very nice and fresh, and anywhere near from where it has been delivered from far away.  In addition to that, people lives in remote islands tends to uses local specialty ingredients such as seafood and vegetable as a substitute for meat.  For example, some area uses turban shell for curry instead of beef or chicken since meat can only be purchased from mainland and even frozen ones can be very expensive.  So, finding the uniqueness of the island in familiar food is always fun element of having local specialty, and you could find a unexpected but lovely combination.

It could also be a good opportunity to know about remote islands where you haven’t been before through such a specialty food shop!  Once you find food is good, you will probably be interested in visiting the actual island to try more at where the food was born 🙂


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