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Wasabi Stories vol.264: Overcome Irrational Aspects of Life with Split-second Decisions

Today I would like to introduce a part of an interview I found with Mr. Seiji Hirao who talks about his idea of leadership and importance to make a series…

Wasabi Stories vol.219: “A Team That Requires a Captain is Weak”

Today’s story-teller is Kazuyoshi Miura, a former Japanese national football team player and a striker in Yokohama FC in Japan Professional Football League. The story is about a captain. He…

Wasabi Stories vol.79: “The Role of Project Leader”

  — ABOUT  Wasabi Stories… —   “The Role of Project Leader” Today’s story teller is a fellow member of Hitachi, a Japanese multinational corporation specializing in high-technology, Hideaki Koizumi….