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[Photoblog] Rope to Exorcise Evil Spirits

Kanjonawa rope is hang around the entrance of a village and in the ground of a shrine to welcome deities and Buddhas and exorcise evil spirits from outside of the…

[Photoblog] Ceremonial Rope Decoration

This is carried out right next to a train track!Person in charge of train track management is standing behind the decorators.  They don’t just stop decorating ropes because it is…

[Photoblog] Torioi Rituals of Ikoma Shrine

Torioi means driving off birds.  According to Miki, the photographer, it really looked like a bird being driven off in this event ^^This ritual started around 3 in the afternoon…

[Photoblog] Pretty Deer in Nara♡

Taken around Tea Room Mizutani at Nara Park. Copyright(C) Miki →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

[Photoblog] Benishide Dance

This rain making ritual has been handed down from Edo period. It seems this ritual was dropped for a while, but ladies restarted with red streamers after 1955. Children also join this…

[Photoblog] Japanese Horse Race

It seems the order of Ranryo-o of Samai and Nasori of Umai will be determined depending on winning and losing of this horse race.Taken during the 87th Kasuga Wakamiya Onmatsuri…

[Photoblog] Buddha of Cliff

This buddha is Miroku-Magaibutsu buddha curved into an approx. 30m-large rock face opposite to the River Uta.This is made in the early Kamakura period, and a ceremony was held to…

[Photoblog] Spider Lily and Lady

It was probably good memory picture of the day for this lady?(*´∀`*)Taken on a mountain road. Copyright(C) Miki →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

[Photoblog] Monk and Temple at Night♪

It was the first illumination at Muro-ji Temple this year.Everybody wants to see illumination, and of course, monks, too (^○^) Copyright(C) Miki →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

[Photoblog] Beautiful Autumn Day at Shrine

Taken at Tanzan Shrine. Copyright(C) Miki →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

[Photoblog] Taima-dera Temple in Autumn

It seems it was very windy when Miki, the photographer took this picture, which resulted in a little blurred object…But Miki, the photographer felt very lucky that she managed to…