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[Photoblog] Hydrangea and a Stone Buddha

This picture was taken at Gansenji Temple (Kyoto). Miki was surprised to see a large stone Buddha head outside of the temple.Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)

[Photoblog] Yuri Festival in Japan

After the ritual at Isagawa Shrine, Nanaotome (seven girls), Yurihime (princess of lily) and chigo (children) paraded in the downtown of Nara.Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)

[Photoblog] Mushi Okuri Festival in Yamada (Tenri City)

A traditional event to pray for destroyed insects. The hazy moon is beautiful. ^_^Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)

[Photoblog] Jamaki Festival in Imazato

The festival has been held annually on the first Sunday of June for 400 years. It is a festival held in Imazato Kawanishicho Nara. They carry a snake-like straw rope…

[Photoblog] Mirror Ball in Yakushiji Temple

“Yakushiji Temple Hikari Emaki” festival was held at Yakushiji Temple on June 5, 2010. Fantastic lighting and sound are the theme of the festival. A mirror ball was decorated in…

[Photoblog] Bamboo in Daianji Temple

This picture was taken in Daianji Temple, famous for praying for bamboo spirits.Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)

[Photoblog] Eastern Pagoda of Yakushiji Temple

This pagoda was built in 730. Copyright(C) Miki     →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)

[Photoblog] Fireflies

You can see them along Tanigawa, in Idecho Kyoto, near Nara as well. Copyright(C) Miki     →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)

[Photoblog] Ukimido in Nara Park

Ukimido (in Nara Park) looks like it’s floating on a pond. Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)

[Photoblog] Chinese Ground Orchid

I am going to start a new section on my blog! It is an experimental section to introduce a photoblog posting mainly beautiful sceneries in Japan daily. Miki, a Japanese…