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[Photoblog] Beautiful Deer in Nara Park

Miki, the photographer found a very beautiful deer! Taken at Nara Park. Copyright(C) Miki →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

[Photoblog] Is this cute? Kappa dolls

They are “Kappa” dolls, a legendary creature, a type of water sprite found in Japanese folklore. This is like a Halloween party in Kappa world. Copyright(C) japan_style   This is JAPAN Style!

Let’s Find Japanese Crested Ibis in Sado Island

  Japanese crested ibis is well-known as endangered species in Japan, has been registered as a special Japanese natural treasure and is an internationally protected bird. Until Edo era, the Crested Ibis was…

Cats are More Adorable in Nighttime

A cat at night.   Cats are cute. We all know. Everyone knows this fact well as much as hamburgers and currys are delicious. But, wait a minute. The cats seen in…

[Photoblog] Girl Dog in Yukata Outfit

A doggy in her Yukata outfit♪♪Miki, the photographer found her so cute~(*´∀`*)Taken at Yamato Minzoku Park. Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

[Photoblog] Male Deer at Sarusawa Pond

A deer was facing toward the setting sun near the Sarusawa Pond. Standing very still^^ Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

The Greatest Bug! Vespid is Enjoyable Food?

Vespid can be the scariest bug for any of us, and it has had a great impact all over Japan this year…  But did you know that some regions in…

[Photoblog] Cat at Chogaku-ji Temple

Taken at a parking of Chogaku-ji Temple. Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

[Photoblog] Yukata Girls and a Dog♪

Girls in Yukata outfit were taking pictures.So why not taking a picture of this cute dog, too? LolTaken during Bamboo Fesitval (a.k.a. cancer preventive summer festival) of Daianji-temple. Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s…

Beautiful Japanese Iron Tray for Trinkets

    Part of the Studio RYU (located in Shizukuishi) iron collection “JAPAN IRON”, the Japanese Iron Tray is crafted by using traditional iron welding techniques, finished with a layer of lacquer…

[Photoblog] Cat at Chogakuji Temple

According to Miki, the photographer, there are many cats around Chogakuji Temple, and she enjoys taking picture of them.^^ Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!