Ever-Evolving Anime Goods! Anime Characters’ Perfume

Is there anything you are collecting as your hobby?  For anime lovers, collecting favourite anime goods such as stationary, budge and figurines can be a hobby.  But recent trend of anime goods finally came to a stage to launch anime character featured perfumes!


"Vetiver Aromatics" some rights reserved. flickr

“Vetiver Aromatics” some rights reserved. flickr


According to an article, those anime featured perfume are available for Attack on Titan, New Prince of Tennis, Magical Girl Madoka of the Magus and other famous anime, and offering scent with an image of anime characters.  For example, floral oriental scent for Keigo Atobe of New Price of Tennis.  And the perfume of Levi of Attack on Titan is nice soap and floral scent with his image of a clean freak.


But what is the reaction of fans??

Of course, it is difficult to say if everybody can share the same image of scent to each character of anime, and the attempt to introduce image scent of anime may fail miserably as anime goods, but perfume is less obvious than having other type of anime goods such as figurines and key rings.  Also, the fact that people can put it closer to any other type of goods seems to be appealing to fans.

It seems it is not very cheap to buy such a perfume but I believe anime perfume helps making people and anime even closer in less obvious method.  Me?  I’m sure I’ll be curious to know if my favourite character’s image turns into actual perfume:-)  Will be a good present for a big fan,too!


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Source: ameba news


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