The Popular Japanese Souvenirs Top 10

A Japanese TV show did a survey of foreign tourists in [W:Asakusa], Tokyo, and this is the result of the popular souvenirs top 10.

#1: Jika-tabi
Japanese traditional footwear known as Ninja Shoes.


Jika-tabi by BBODO

Jika-tabi by BBODO



#2: Chouchin
Japanese paper lantern.

#3: Katana Toy
Samurai Sword Toy

#4: Kimono
As room wear or decoration.

#5: Trunks (Male underwear) with Japanese design
Kanji, Japanese traditional patterns, crests and so on.

#6: Ningyo-yaki
Character-shaped cake.


"yukogets" some rights reserved. flickr

"yukogets" some rights reserved. flickr


#7: Geta
Japanese traditional footwear.

#8: Edo Kiriko
Edo Cut Glass is a Traditional Japanese cut glass.

#9: Gundam Figure
Figure of Japanese famous anime, Mobile Suit Gundam.

#10: Shichimi-togarashi (Seven Flavored Chili Pepper)
Mixture of 7 ingredients; red chili pepper, mandarin orange peel, sesame seed, poppy seed, hemp seed, nori and sansho.


"june29" some rights reserved. flickr

"june29" some rights reserved. flickr


These are the typical souvenirs in [W:Asakusa].

Is there something else you would get in Japan?


This is JAPAN Style!


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