A Look Back at 2011


Finally it’s New Year’s Eve. 2011 has felt like a long year, yet it also seems to have passed in a flash for me. How was 2011 for you? What happened?

Looking back this year, I have to mention the 3.11 disaster before anything else. The catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan and the more than 15,000 precious lives lost. The terrible disaster cast a dark shadow over Japan, leading to a difficult time with little hope. However, the support from overseas, such as countless warm supportive messages and enormous human and financial aid, felt like a ray of light even under the tough circumstances. We really appreciate it.

And personally speaking, I was involved in a traffic accident just after the 3.11 disaster and broke my hipbone. It was also an awful experience. But fortunately, it was not life threatening and I am thankful that I can work quite hard just like before. Because of such consecutive challenging experiences, now I can’t help thinking of my own life and what it means.


“I am made more alive.”


I might write about this on my blog some time in the past, and I still strongly feel that everything and everyone around me adds power and meaning to my life. I aim to always value this life, play my role, and carry out my own mission to its fullest.

Considering my work, there have been many happy incidents. My endeavors began to gain broader recognition in 2011, and now I can do business with large companies. Also, I had the pleasure of speaking more often in front of larger audiences.

Joy and grief alternated in my heart and the year 2011 was quite tough, but I should be thankful that at least I have security and a good home .
By the way, I regret that I couldn’t start anything new on the JAPAN Style blog. So in 2012, I will make my best effort in drawing up some new and interesting projects and sharing more useful information about Japan.

Thank you very much for reading the JAPAN Style blog this year.

I am hoping from Tokyo that 2012 finds you great and successful.
Best wishes for the new year!