New Rhythm Game “jubeat knit”


Various music games are found at Japanese game arcades but one of the hottest music games now is “jubeat knit” by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan.

On the 4 x 4 panel, animations called “marks” appear along to the music selected, and the player touches the marks at the right timing to score.

There are over 100 songs to choose from. The player can save their achievement and as they master it, they can unlock new tracks and marks.




There are easy songs or the player can select from 3 difficulties, basic, advanced, and extreme. I think it may be good for brain training (^_^)

Some players memorize the patterns and master the songs. In the next video, the player performs one of the super-fast songs with only his right hand. The song is “Can-Can” from “Orpheus in Underworld.”


Unbelievable video →


It is crazy!!! 😯 I am sure he gets surrounded by audiences when he plays at a game arcade.

I don’t know if jubeat knit was released in your country but former versions of jubeat were export to North America and other countries in Asia.



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