Mikan Citrus Peeling Art


Mikan is a seedless citrus smaller and sweeter than orange. It is probably called “mandarin orange” in English-speaking countries.

Mikan is a winter fruit in Japan and it is common to have a mandarin orange basket on a table, so that we can grab one to eat it as a little snack.

Recently, an interesting children’s craft book was released. It is called “Atarashii Mikan no Mukikata (New Ways to Peel a Mikan)” written by Yoshihiro Okada, published by Shogakukan.

Just as the title says, the book shows 25 kinds of new ways to peel mikan. It is commonly peeled from the bottom center like a blooming flower.


Photo by つるピカード


On YouTube, there are some instructions from the book.

This video shows how to make rabbit.



The instructor uses thick pen in the video but you can use like ball pointed pen. Use clean cutter, and don’t have to cut so deep because the skin is thin.

If you master it, you will be able to make more complicated ones like squid!



For this one, the instructor uses a toothpick to peel the skin off.

Here are more examples. They are so creative!




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