Charismatic Petit Fashion Model Tsubasa Masuwaka Produces Denny’s Menu

Images by kmkmtn, yuyu1207, and punxpink (from the left).


Everywhere Japanese young women go, there are faces of her –a Japanese fashion model, Tsubasa Masuwaka. She is only 150cm tall, which is very small for a fashion model, but her fashion sense and efforts on her look struck a chord with Japanese young women.

She started her model career as an armature model for Popteen, a teen’s fashion magazine, and has been modeling for egg, a gyaru magazine.

Since 2007, she started producing cosmetics and fashion items, such as mascara, lip gloss, false eye lashes, colored contacts, jeans, knit caps, bags, legwarmers, and kimono. It is said her producing items brought a billion yen (about hundred million US dollars) economic result.

A fashion model producing various products is common, but how many models have ever produced a family restaurant’s menu? Maybe only her.

This month, Japanese Denny’s (US born family restaurant) serves Tsubasa Masuwaka produced salad and rib steak & fried oyster.



Tsubasa designed two kinds of salads on the place; one is a hearty salad for her husband and son and the other salad is a mushroom salad that her mother used to make for her.

She married with a fashion model in 2007 and had baby in 2008. Since she became mother, she got fans that are mothers, and started to produce mother’s items including parenting DVD.

Many short women think they can’t enjoy fashion well. Tsubasa gave them a hope that even small girls can dress in various styles and become a charismatic model.